EACEM will also host a simulation event called “InnovEM, a simulation activity which will be realized with the theme of Technology in Emergency Medicine, which will be organized for the first time in our country. In the activity that set out under the slogan “Technology in action”, the reflections of technology on emergency medicine practice will be shown on simulated patient scenarios.

The event will be organized by EMAT Project Development and Innovation Task Group (InnovEM) within the InnovEM Application area which has an advanced resuscitation room technology and took place in the congress stand area. The scenarios of cardiac arrest, multi-trauma, shortness of breath and combat casualty will be intervened by the InnovEM team in the application area.

During the activity, informations about the different features of the devices and technologies will be given. After the scenario, the team members will be asked questions and the scenario will be evaluated with the audience. All events will be recorded and can be watched live from the screens in the exhibition hall and from the EACEM mobile app.

We welcome you all to EACEM 2018 and InnovEM Zone and Simulation Show.